Garysburg Farmer’s Market

Garysburg Farmer’s Market

Garysburg Farmer’s Market

Northampton County has very few grocery stores, none of which are located in Garysburg leaving the town and surrounding community lacking fresh food access. Variety stores such as Family Dollar, Dollar General, and convenience stores connected to gas stations are the biggest food providers in many cases across the county.   On Saturday October 31, 2015 the Town of Garysburg opened its Farmers Market in the Garysburg Community Center on highway 46 (former Garysburg Elementary School). This was an exciting opening for the Town of Garysburg, because it ignited the imaginations of many people of this community. For way too long, business people thought no one would buy vegetables in this community and would not invest in building a grocery store in the town. The opening of this Farmers Market showed a completely different picture. People from all over the town and outside of town walked and commuted to the Farmers Market. All of the produce brought to the market was SOLD!  This provided Garysburg residents with access to fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables.  Other items sold included handmade Christmas placemats, handmade soaps and baked goods.

For a community that suffers in health disparities and outcomes, it was an important milestone for the community. This Farmers Market opening is more than just a place to buy the next meal; it is the location hosting a celebration of good food. It is a place where people of the community met and talked about how important it is for them to eat better and where recipes were shared.  It is a place where people reflected on how they use to work in gardens and on farms with previous generations. This Farmers Market is a place where food was being administered as medicine and a place where healing in our community can begin.

For additional information or to become a vendor at the Garysburg Farmers Market contact The Garysburg Town Hall at 252-536-2167

Program Description:

The Garysburg Food Hub was established to help increase access to fresh food for Garysburg and the surrounding community.  At the present time Garysburg residents must travel 5-10 miles to purchase healthy food options.  The Food Hub Project in the Town of Garysburg aims to help provide access to fresh fruit and vegetables and other healthy food items.

A group of individuals and organizations have been working to help bring the Food Hub to a reality. They currently include Julius Tillery, Audrey Hardy, George Branch, Cynthia Walker, Semiko Jacobs, the Roanoke Valley Community Health initiative, and the Renew Group of Tampa, Florida. They have been responsible for the initial efforts to lead and help formalize the work group for the Food Hub Project.

Most notable of accomplishments to date is the feasibility study which was conducted by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Kenan Institute supporting the establishment of a food hub in the Town of Garysburg.